Monday, 21 October 2013

Jellyfish & Sharks: London Aquarium

Entertaining kids in London is pretty easy. 
There are so many attractions, museums, venues 
to satisfy little people's curiosity & learning needs. 

So when your kid develops a new obsession
 for whales, sharks and all things fish 
(the hen/cow phase is officially over)
the one place to take him is the London Aquarium

London Aquarium, A Mum in London

Where, When, How Much? 

Situated next to the London Eye,
it's easily accessible from Westminster Station.

The Aquarium is a busy place.
There are queues, so it's better to go
early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

It's not cheap; adults pay £21 and children £15 
(under 3s go free, fortunately), 
but they offer online and late admission discounts.

London Aquarium, A Mum in London

What is There?

Sharks, lots of them,
swimming gracefully in huge tanks.

Gigantic sea turtles and friendly rays 
(they actually surface for you to touch them).

Colourful exotic fish, golden piranhas 
(really, they are covered with glittery scales).

Mesmerising jellyfish, corals,
Nemo-like clownfish, playful seahorses 
(did you know there's a seahorse colony in River Thames?)

London Aquarium, A Mum in London

Surprisingly, London Aquarium is not fish-restricted.
It's also home to crocodiles, poisonous frogs
and to a colony of very cute and playful penguins,
who wouldn't stop diving and splashing around
(much to the Toddler's amusement).

London Aquarium, A Mum in London

The Verdict

Up: huge glass tanks, nicely lit exhibits,
variety of creatures, kids-friendly environment.

Down: crowded, narrow corridors,
claustrophobic ambiance, tickets' price.

Nevertheless, two hours and an enthusiastic toddler later,
Mr K resigned to the possibility
of finding himself surrounded by sharks
once again in the near future.

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  1. That sounds pretty good (apart from the price) and could visit the London Eye too!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. Oh, that would make a nice day out! Thanks, Louisa.


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