Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Few of his Favourite Toys

With the Toddler's second birthday approaching,
the quest to find the best gift began.

There's nothing better than quality toys,
made from natural materials,
with a distinct educational value.
Happily, the child in the house agrees.

So, here we present the heroic toys
that suffered countless hours 
of banging, drooling over and fun.

Favourite Toys, A Mum in London

The Baby Walker, Plan Toys

He likes: As a baby, he played a lot with the blocks 
 and had hours of fun knocking down the towers we made. 
As a toddler, he loves building towers 
and puts his teddy bear in the walker for a walk in the house. 

Favourite Toys, A Mum in London

I like: The wooden material, the nice colours 
and the fact that you can tidy up the blocks really easily. 
I have also lots of fun building Jenga-like towers. 

The Racing Car, Oskar and Catie

He likes: As a baby, he was over the moon 
when we'd help him ride it fast in the kitchen. 
Now he's an independent toddler, 
he loves riding his car and taking it for a quick spin.

Favourite Toys, A Mum in London

I like: The classic, retro look that makes this toy a heirloom. 
And that it looks so nice in our living room. 

The Musical Box, Natures et Découvertes

He likes: As a baby, he loved banging the maracas
on the xylophone and listen to his dad playing the flute 
(I suspect the neighbours didn't enjoy that much Mr K's recitals). 
As a toddler, he still enjoys banging on the xylophone 
and he's so proud when he gets 
some decent notes come out of the flute. 

Favourite Toys, A Mum in London

I like: the quality materials and the fact 
that he became familiar with musical instruments 
and sounds while having fun. 

The Doudou, Zara Home Kids

He likes: When he was 5 months old, 
he chose this little rabbit for his comforter.
Doudou is a friend and companion
during naps & bedtime,
and soothes him when he's too tired or upset.
Favourite Toys, A Mum in London

I like: this is a cute little rabbit that has helped us a lot
through teething, tantrums and flights.
It survived a decapitation and one amputation.
It's his most favourite toy,
and that's what makes it irreplaceable.

Baby Walker by
Retro Racing Car by
Musical Instruments by
Rabbit Soft Toy by Zara Kids from


  1. A lovely bunch, but I do love the racing car in particular! :)

  2. That racing car is magnificent. My only advice with regards to toys (if your son is like mine) - sturdy and durable :)

    1. That's a good piece of advice, thank you, Orli!

  3. I love the musical instruments! I recently brought L some shakers and really want to build her collection. She is nearly 4 months old when did your little boy start playing with the whole range?

    Popped over from My Best Post of the Week. I have linked up as Life and Times of Mummy Morkus with my Autumn Book Round Up!

    1. Hi, Rhiannon! He started playing with all of them when he was one+. At first banging them and then trying to get notes out of them. He likes them a lot and we have really fun concerts in the house!


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