Thursday, 26 September 2013

The White Cliffs of Dover

We were craving for a one day break from London. 
It was a sunny, warm Autumn day, 
so we thought the seaside would be nice. 

Dover White Cliffs, A Mum in London

The idea was to go 
somewhere close to London 
(we are not keen on spending more 
than two hours in the car with our toddler). 

Somewhere where the Toddler would 
be able to run, see boats
(and exhaust himself). 

Somewhere where we would
relax and enjoy ourselves, 
without spending a fortune 
(our breaks tend to be quite pricey). 

Dover White Cliffs, A Mum in London

 I had seen them numerous times 
in movie films and documentaries; 
The White Cliffs of Dover. 
This place is simply breathtakingly beautiful.

After a two-hour car journey,
we parked our car at the National Trust's parking, 
 had an early lunch at the cafe there 
(they make delicious salads), 
and followed the coastal path above the cliffs.

Dover White Cliffs, A Mum in London

The White Cliffs walk,
which was voted as one of the best in the UK,
is so agreeable.

The paths are smooth, full of wild flowers,
and on a clear day,
 you get to see les voisins Fran├žais

Dover White Cliffs, A Mum in London

Forty minutes and an exhausted toddler later 
we arrived at the Lighthouse.

We were happy to find 
an oh-so-cute vintage tea room 
which serves delicious scones and tea 
(much needed after all that walking). 

Dover Lighthouse, A Mum in London

On our way back, we followed a rural path 
hoping to see cows (the Toddler's new passion), 
but all we got were haystacks.

It was a great day. 
The walking path was beautiful. 
The views were mind-soothing. 
The scones were delicious
It was a great day indeed.

Plan your visit to the White Cliffs: National Trust's Visitor Information
Find practical info at the White Cliffs' Official Tourism page 


  1. What a lovely day! : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. Gorgeous photos, we're in Hackney with family in Kent, so we're often off down that way, but never done the White Cliffs of Dover (Camber / Dungeness are our faves) but I think we will make the trip after reading your post! #BPTW

    1. Thank you, Luci. It's certainly worth a visit - it's such a beautiful place. Camber looks lovely (thanks for mentioning it - we're looking for new places to visit)!

  3. glad to see you had a proper cream tea! You were lucky with the amazing blue skies!

    1. Yes, incredibly lucky with the weather (and the scones)! Thanks, Caroline :)

  4. What a fab day and stunning photos. Glad you had such a lovely day. Popping over from love all blogs


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