Monday, 22 July 2013

Summer Fun in London: Cool Tips

Summer fun in London can be cool, 
refreshing and, most importantly, free 
if you know where to go. 

Grosvenor Square, Summer in the Square

A Mum in London

This lovely Mayfair square gets transformed
 into a pleasant quintessentially British garden 
with free deckchairs to relax, a pop-up restaurant, 
plenty of free cultural events, a theatre, 
and games for everyone to play and enjoy. 
We spent a delicious summer day there with friends, 
having a picnic, playing croquet, 
and enjoying the comfortable deckchairs
I can't recommend it enough. 

Summer Streets in Regent Street

A Mum in London

Every Sunday in July
cars, buses and taxis get banned 
and Regent Street fills with outdoor cafés
kiosks, musicians and happy pedestrians. 
It was a really nice surprise for us 
and we really enjoyed 
the cool and bon enfant feel 
of this super busy London street. 

Escape the Heat in Carnaby Street

This iconic London street is the perfect place 
to escape the hustle and bustle 
of its crowded neighbours (Regent & Oxford Street). 
The narrow cobbled streets 
around Carnaby Street provide plenty of shadow 
and cute restaurants and cafés; 
it's the ideal place to take a break

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  1. I love London in the summer, always things happening and Pimms! Wonderful pics. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. True, there's always something to do in London. You never get bored! And yes, Pimm's is soooo summer!


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