Thursday, 6 June 2013

Picnic in London: Richmond Park vs Hyde Park

Sunny Sundays in London are spent lying on the grass, 
munching on sandwiches and gazing at a surprisingly blue sky.

Tadpoles & Deer, Richmond Park

A Mum in London

The menu: cheese sandwiches, crisps, hard-boiled eggs,
the Toddler's lasagne, biscuits and apples.

The park: Richmond park is the quickest country-break for Londoners;
it's so vast, green and full of wildlife
you immediately forget you're in London.

The crowd: families, joggers, cyclists, hikers, couples-in-love.
Not many dog-walkers, maybe because of the deer.

Baby Lu's favourites: deer and tadpoles.
There are deer everywhere;
some are brave or hungry enough to approach humans.

Pros: it's so big, it won't feel crowded, 
even if half of London picnics there.

Cons: deer poo, everywhere.
Be careful before laying your picnic blanket.

Ducks & Pirates, Hyde Park

Diana Playground, A Mum in London

The menu: cheese sandwiches, crisps, tomatoes, 
Baby Lu's chicken casserole, chocolate and tangerines.

The park: Hyde Park is London's Central Park.
With beautiful lakes, fountains, gardens, playgrounds
it's the epitome of the urban park.

The crowd: tourists, joggers, families, students, backpackers, more tourists.
Everyone comes to Hyde Park.

Baby Lu's favourites: the pirate ship and feeding the ducks.

Pros: having lots of fun at the Diana Memorial Playground.
A sure way to exhaust your little ones
before picnicking in peace with your other half
(little ones sleeping in the pram).

Cons: On a beautiful, sunny day, Hyde Park gets really crowded. 
If you're planning a romantic picnic,
you may as well pick another park.

Find Richmond & Hyde Parks' interactive maps at

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  1. I LOVE London parks.

    If you want a giggle about an event that happened in Richmond Park, go to Youtube and search "Fenton in Richmond Park". It's both funny and awful at the same time.

  2. What a great post. It looks lovely and the menu has got my belly rumbling now... Thanks!! :o)

    1. Thanks, Adam. It's also super easy to make - that's why I love picnics; you don't have to cook :)

    2. Alexia, great post and amazing blog!

  3. Very sweet post, both are of course fab beauty spots :o)

  4. Thank you, MummyTries, indeed both are wonderful.


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