Saturday, 1 June 2013

Love All Books

The Toddler has always been a bookworm. When he was four months old, his most treasured possession was a cloth book. At 9 months he discovered the real deal; books made of cardboard and paper. Since then, we measure how much he loves a book by the amount of scotch tape on it!

No1 Little Children's Music Book, 78 pieces of tape

Little Children's Music Book, Usborne
Offered by: Offered to the Toddler by his French grandmother, this book instantly became his favourite. We have the French version, titled Mon Petit Livre Musical.

The story: The animals are having a gig in the forest. They each practice a musical instrument and then they perform all together in front of a hairy but amazed audience. The music is lovely and the illustration very sweet.

What we learnt: the Toddler got familiar with the musical instruments and their sounds, as well as with some of the forest animals (Mole is our favourite because he drinks tea and eats cakes).

No2 Spot Says Goodnight, 54 pieces of tape

Offered by: This one was offered to the Toddler by his Greek grandmother, so it's in Greek, titled Καληνύχτα, Σποτ.

Spot Says GoodnightThe story: Spot the dog is ready to go to bed and says goodnight to everyone - really, to absolutely EVERYONE. Apparently, Spot is very polite.

What we learnt: That we must be as polite as Spot and say goodnight to everyone before going to bed. Result: the Toddler spends at least 15 minutes every night saying goodnight to all the toys in his bed.

No3 What the Ladybird Heard, 21 pieces of tape

What the Ladybird Heard, Macmillan Children's BooksOffered bythe Toddler's beloved aunt and godmother. This time, we have the English version.

The story: The farm's prize-winning cow is in danger, but the clever ladybird, aided by all the farm animals, saves the day.

What we learnt: Oh, my, the things we learnt! the Toddler learnt to bark, to moo, to cluck and to quack. I finally managed to  perfect my neigh (I can very well pass for a horse now). Still working on my snorting, though.


  1. Maybe you'd both enjoy this book!

    Otherwise, Dear Zoo was my children's total favourite. And Peepo - historically detailed and poignant for the adults, but just a fun story for the kids.

  2. The Chicken Socks will soon figure on Baby Lu's shelves. Thanks for suggesting it; I didn't know a tape children's book existed!
    We already have Dear Zoo, but it hasn't clicked yet for Baby Lu. It could be due to the fact that he's more impressed by cows than by lions?

  3. If other children are anything like mine, the tape loses its appeal when it's in a pack on the front of a book, intended to be used on the book. Tape is only fun when it has that slightly naughty feel about it.

    Thanks for your comment. I loved the definition of blogging as a "public personal affair with your keyboard".

  4. I started reading to my kids pretty much from the moment they were born. There is something so special about sharing a book with a child! All three of mine have loved "Go Dog Go" by P.D. Eastman. We have a board book from when they were younger. :-)

  5. Hi there! We love adore all things by Julia Donaldson. Have you read the Snail and the Whale? A great one! I always love finding new books . . . thanks for sharing some good ones with your readers!

  6. Hi, Loren, thank you for suggesting the Snail & the Whale, I just saw its cover (love the illustration) and ordered it :)

  7. Cock-a-moo-moo alltime favoutite of my grandson when he was about 2.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion, looks like a fun book!


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