Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Why do British People Love the Royals?

The Royals are entertaining 
In the past, kings had jesters. In an irony of history, nowadays commoners are entertained by royals. Whether it's Prince Phillip's gaffes (my favourite is the one to the Scottish driving instructor "How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?"), Harry's sexcapades or Prince Charles's attempts to be popular, British royals can really make you laugh.

They are top celebrities 
Gossip magazines in the UK have an easy job. They are constantly flooded with news about the royals, of the uttermost importance to the public, such as: Kate and mum Carole shop royal cribor Camilla reveals she takes her grandchildren to her vegetable garden patch to eat peasand Prince William excited about being a father but worried about sleepless nights (with an army of nannies, I doubt he'll be doing night feeds).

The Queen actually seems like a nice person 
I never thought I'd be saying this, but I grew fond of the Queen, especially after her short appearance in the Olympic Games opening. She keeps a low profile and must have a great sense of humour, especially with that husband of hers.

Retro Queen Elisabeth
Retro Queen

They generate extra bank holidays
2011 royal wedding, 2012 Jubilee, 2013 a bank holiday to mark the royal birth (please, please)? It makes sense to love people who give you an extra day off work, doesn't it?

They are value for money
The royal family is a powerful brand. They are the No1 tourist attraction in the UK, bringing lots of money into the British economy.

They are quintessentially British
Like tea, red buses and David Beckham, the royal family is a British trademark. They are the nation's heirloom, somewhat expensive to maintain (Queen's grant rose to 36 million pounds in 2013), but inseparable from most British people's lives. That's why I don't think they will be going anywhere in the near future.

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