Thursday, 23 May 2013

Need of Sunshine: Greece's Best Beaches

Fed up with this everlasting Narnia-esque winter, 
I try to disperse the clouds by recollecting happy, 
sunny moments spent lying on the warm sand 
and swimming in the cool, blue sea. 
Ignore the grey sky and winter temperatures, 
take a deep breath and dive...

Navagio (shipwreck in Greek), Zante 
Navagio beach, Zante
Navagio beach, Zante
As its name suggests, there is an actual shipwreck on the beach. The water here couldn't be more turquoise and the sand more fine and white. I suggest you take a small boat to go, as you'll get to see the caves.

Iligas Beach, Sfakia, Crete
Iligas beach, Sfakia, Crete
Iligas beach, Sfakia, Crete
Iligas beach's charm is its big cove, the coolest place to take a midday nap! Dive in the blue water of the Libyan sea, practice your swimming skills and explore the smaller coves along the coast - they can only be accessed by sea, so privacy is guaranteed.

Voidokoilia, Pylos, Messinia
Voidokoilia beach, Pylos, Messinia
Voidokoilia beach, Pylos, Messinia
A giant natural pool with white sand dunes, set in the most extraordinary scenery next to a Natura protected lagoon and below an ancient castle and a mythological cave. Voidokoilia is so Blue Lagoon, you wouldn't be surprised to see Brooke Shields emerging from the sea!

Livada, Tinos island, Cyclades
Livada beach, Tinos, Cyclades
Livada beach, Tinos, Cyclades
This one is a hidden gem in the Aegean Sea, a bit on the wild side. No sand here, only beautifully smooth rocks to lie on and have a free hot stone massage. Livada Beach is set in an arid but beautiful landscape where wild goats will steal your lunch if you leave it unattended.

~ ~ 

These are my top Greek beaches and the one thing that adds to their staggering natural beauty is that you won't find beach bars, sunbeds or water games there. It's only you, the sun and the sandwiches you brought from home.

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