Monday, 27 May 2013

Dear Mum, I'm a Toddler That's Why...

...I'll start screaming out of the blue while you're picking pears at Waitrose.

...I'll drop on the kitchen floor and pretend I'm dying because you are too busy washing dishes to play with me.

...I'll throw my buggy toys to the nice old lady who makes funny faces to me.

...I'll absolutely refuse to eat bananas, yogurts and all my favorite foods just to see the perplexed look on your face.

...I'll act like a diva perched on a high chair and throw plates, cutlery and cups on the floor just because I like the sound of it.

...I'll be switching from "charming cute baby" to "spoilt brat" mode in a matter of nanoseconds.

...I'll refuse to say hi or wave bye-bye when I'm told to. I'm the one who decides when and to whom I say bye-bye. That might include helicopters and dogs, by the way.

A Mum in London

But, mum, I'm a toddler that's why:

...I'm helping you with grocery shopping by trying to grab everything that seems interesting.

...I'm hugging your legs when you're washing dishes.

...I'm laughing when you make funny faces.

...I'm saying "yummy" when I like the food you cooked, especially if it is pasta.

...I'm helping you with the laundry by putting the remote control in the washing machine.

...I'm waving bye-bye when you leave and give you a hug when you come back.

...I'm trying to cheer you up when I sense you're sad.

...I'm picking flowers just for you.


  1. Oh how didn't this get more comments :( Such a lovely post!

    1. Thank you, you're so kind! I was happy to find a comment on this post :)

  2. That's lovely!! How old is your toddler? Mine is 20 months, and all the above is true, true, true!

    1. Thanks! Mine is almost 21 months old. Toddlers are so cute and a bit of a handful too sometimes :)


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