Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Grow, Baby, Grow

With the Baby reaching 18 months in a few days, I remembered it was time for our growth measurements.  I also remembered how stressed I was the first months of his life to see if he had gained weight and if he was progressing as he should. I rented a baby scale and weighed and measured him once a week – it was actually fun and rewarding, those first exhausting weeks, to see your hard work pay off, gram by gram!

A Mum in London

Then I used online growth chart calculators to measure the progress made (why draw little dots on squeezed percentiles when you can make your baby's growth charts online?). Although I use them a lot less now that he's grown up, I have to admit the online charts provided a relaxing past-time between breastfeeding sessions and nappy changing!
So, for all new or not so new mums out there, here is a selection of the nicest online growth calculators and growth charts.

Child Growth Calculator from www.babycenter.com
With this growth chart calculator you can follow, by creating an account, your kid's growth. The only catch is that it's in French. http://courbedecroissance.com/fic/taille.php

This growth chart calculator has an option of inches or centimetres, which is convenient for all of us who don't know how to convert centimetres and kilos to inches and pounds. www.infantchart.com/infantlengthage.php

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  1. My "baby" is 16 this week, and taller than me. This post has reminded me that I have his childhood growth charts somewhere. I should look them out, and see if he's continued on the same percentile. (The last time he was measured was... gosh, I can't remember when... YEARS ago).


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