Friday, 26 April 2013

Kythira island: and the living is easy

One of the most amazing Greek islands I've ever been to is Kythira. Its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, picturesque villages and friendly people won our heart 3 years ago. We swam for hours in the turquoise waters of Melidoni, the most beautiful natural pool. We escaped the heat with a dive in the waterfalls of Milopotamos village. We lived the adventure with a hike and a descent to Kalami beach (we were rewarded: we had the beach all for ourselves). We relaxed at Potamos' village square with a bottle of ouzo and mezes.

A Mum in London

We stayed in a charming traditional guesthouse, Xenonas Fos Ke Choros. With just 2 studios and 2 apartments, each with a private terrace overlooking the sea and sunset, Fos Ke Choros is the labour of love of Dutch born Albert & Anita, who fell in love with Kithira and decided to live there. This love reflects on the way the guesthouse was built and decorated. Simple but luxurious, it immerses you in the serene and fuss free life of Kythira. A really detoxifying experience, that I can't recommend enough.

Xenonas Fos Ke Choros
Xenonas Fos Ke Choros

Mr K promised that when our boy is a bit older, we'll show him this truly beautiful, almost paradisaical, place. Can't wait!

Kythira island info
Accommodation at Xenonas Fos Ke Choros

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