Sunday, 5 July 2015

Back to School with Nutmeg

With soaring temperatures and all this sunshine  
it might seem a bit early for school uniform shopping, 
but I'm a fan of the motto 
'Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today'.

That said, sending off your little ones to school fully kitted 
can be quite complicated; I was happy to discover 
that Morrisons own clothing range Nutmeg 
have made things easier and very affordable for us parents.

A Mum in London

Nutmeg designers focus on the little details that make life easier: 
underwear, polos and jumpers are made from soft 100% cotton 
to keep children comfortable, 
trousers and skirts are Teflon-coated 
to stop the absorption of spills and stains, 
and all shirts are easy iron and crease resistant. 

As always, Nutmeg clothes offer fabulous value for money: 
a pack of two polos is £2, skirts and trousers £3, 
cardigan and jumpers at just £3. 
In short, one can buy the whole school uniform 
for less than £20.

What's more impressive is the guarantee: 
Nutmeg offers a 200 day wear guarantee on all their uniforms, 
proving that high quality can be found at little prices. 

Nutmeg's Back to School range will be available in Morrisons stores from mid July. 
Find your nearest store here

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

London Fun: Summer Streets 2015

This July, Londoners' favourite shopping destination 
is once again banning red buses, cars and black cabs 
to transform itself into an urban haven 
with loads of activities and events for kids & families. 

It's the fourth edition of Summer Streets in Regent Street, 
taking place on each Sunday in July. 

A Mum in London

Each Sunday features a different theme 
with lots of activities & surprises:

On Sunday 5 July, Regent Street will get transformed into an idyllic garden 
with summer lawns and a sustainable bee & butterfly zone. 

On Sunday 12 July, the theme is Health & Fitness, 
and visitors will be able to practise their rugby skills 
and cheer on the 10K runners. 

On Sunday 19 July, Regent Street will celebrate Fashion; 
premium brands will be showcasing their unique designs 
on a 50m catwalk. 

And, finally, on Sunday 26 July is Arts & Culture Day, 
with live art installations from London’s leading artists 
and displays of fashion collections and artworks. 

There will also be exciting giveaways, live entertainment, 
special offers from Regent Street's retailers, 
celebrations for Liberty's 140th anniversary 
and 20-minute complimentary treatments at Hotel Café Royal’s Akasha Spa! 

In a nutshell: perfect family outing 
for lots of London fun {and some shopping}! 

Summer Streets 2015 on Regent Street, every Sunday in July 
For more info, please click here

Monday, 22 June 2015

London Window Displays, Spring/Summer '15

Spring is that time of the year 
when London's grands magasins fill their window displays 
with the most imaginative themes & vibrant colours. 

Here's a little pick of the best 
Spring/Summer 2015 window displays.

A Mum in London

#HarrodsFlowers at Harrods, Knightsbridge

The theme: This spring, Harrods decided 
to turn the leafless Brompton Road into a botanical garden, 
by adorning their windows with sublime oversized paper flowers. 

At a glance: The windows display iconic flower fragrances, 
with some brands creating bespoke perfumes for the occasion. 

Favourite bit: the divine smell 
which accompanies the floral displays.

A Mum in London

#Sensorium at Fortnums, Piccadilly 

The theme: 'A feast for the senses', 
Fortnum's Sensorium window displays 
will have more than one drooling over them. 

At a glance: Mountains of Turkish delight wrapped in silk scarfs, 
red chili peppers next to designers' lipsticks, 
iconic perfumes balancing on loose Earl Grey tea...

Favourite bit: The window full of diamonds scattered on cheese heads;  
a board informs us that Parmesan 
shares the same crystal structure as diamonds. 

A Mum in London

#SelfridgesXWorkIt at Selfridges, Oxford Street

The theme: Selfridges Says Work It campaign 
explores the evolution of our work-life balance  
through its windows and a series of events. 

At a glance: Giant fortune cookies carrying philosophical messages, 
oversized puppet hands holding bulbs and a clever message, 
and a dress/work of art by Gareth Pugh (pictured above).  

Favourite bit: A still life painting window created by Hermè
with a miniature Japanese garden and a divine carré de soie.

See more photos on A Mum in London's 
Pinterest board London Spring Window Displays 

Harrods, nearest tube station: Knightsbridge
Fortnum & Mason nearest tube station: Green Park & Piccadilly Circus
Selfridges nearest tube station: Oxford Circus & Bond Street 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Babynomics: Budgeting on Maternity Leave

Babies may be teeny tiny, but they sure come with a heavy load of stuff: 
from sterilising equipment to baby bouncers and buggies to car seats, 
baby's paraphernalia can be bulky and very costly. 

In a recent report, the Centre of Economic and Business Research  
estimates that the cost of raising a child to age 21
has risen above £225.000. 

This means that parents must plan carefully their finances,  
especially during those first months of maternity/paternity leave 
when the family's income gets stretched. 

A Mum in London

Smart Buys 
Try not to buy in advance 
everything you see on those "Baby Must-Have" lists; 
most of these items are unnecessary and will clutter your home. 
In fact, babies need only a few things 
during the first months of their life. 

Babies outgrow their clothes fast and there's no need 
to invest in designer rompers that Baby will wear once or twice.
Hand-me-downs from friends 
and second-hand equipment like bouncy chairs and toys 
from charity shops are they way to go. 

Bulk Deals 
Nappies, wipes, formula milk, baby toiletries: 
all these can cost a small fortune in the long run. 
Luckily, all big supermarkets hold 'Baby Events' regularly, 
where they offer discounts and deals on most baby products, 
while large retailers, like Amazon, offer discounted prices on nappies and wipes.
Advice: once you spot a deal, buy in bulk. 

Planning for the Future
That tiny little baby won't be tiny for long. 
Planning for their future and protecting them
is a matter to be considered when you start a family. 
By putting a small amount of money on the side each month for their studies
or by getting a life insurance which can start from just £6 per month, 
you make sure your loved ones' future is protected. 

Helping Hands 
During the first month, life with a newborn can be tough. 
Do not be afraid to ask your relatives to help out: 
by cooking a meal, doing the ironing or babysitting 
you save money and feel supported. 

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Welcome, Baby

Exciting things have been going on for a while 
at a Mum in London's casa. 

After nine months of sweet anticipation, 
our little family of three 
welcomed its newest addition. 

Baby P, born on the 2nd of June 
at Chelsea & Westminster hospital. 

Big brother is very proud of his new upgraded role, 
Baby is very cute and quiet, 
and both parents are over the moon 
and a bit sleep deprived {no surprises there}. 

All so very happy and grateful 
to have this sweet baby joining the crew!

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