Monday, 24 April 2017

Nutmeg's Brand New Women's Collection

You know that moment when someone stops you in the street 
to ask you where you bought that blouse/jumper/gilet? 

Well, that keeps happening to me when I'm with the boys 
and they are wearing something from the Nutmeg collection
But, since Nutmeg just launched their Women's collection, 
I guess that will start happening to me now as well.

With an emphasis put on quality, thoughtful details and affordability, 
Nutmeg's new women's collection has it all: 
one can find classic, elegant pieces 
that can be worn from morning till night, 
as well as fun in trend garments {see parrot top & shorts below} 
perfect for those long summer evenings.

A Mum in London

What I love about Nutmeg is the attention to detail, 
the perfect fit and the top quality of materials; 
soft denims, breathable cottons, 
good workmanship on the finishing details, flattering lines. 

And, of course, the amazingly low prices starting at just £3
that make it one of the best value for money women's clothing collections.

Nutmeg's PR team kindly sent a few items for me to review 
and I can honestly say, 'If you are looking 
for the perfect summer wardrobe update, look no more'!

My favourite items are the soft denim dress, 
with the impeccable cut and beautiful suede pleated belt, 
the classy summer mac in a gorgeous camel colour 
and the fun/glam sequined parrot top 
{discover the entire women's collection at Nutmeg}

In a nutshell: a beautifully fresh collection 
with amazing prices and impeccable quality. 

Denim dress £20 | Parrot sequined top £14 & Shorts £12 | Mac £30, Top £10 & Jeggings £12 all available in selected Morrisons stores

Disclosure: Items sent for review
All views and wording my own

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Easter in London: Family Events

Easter 2017 in London promises to be fun 
for families with children of all ages. 

In fact, parents and children will be spoilt for choice: 
from life sized dinosaurs and ballet masterclasses 
to cinema outings and Easter crafts at London's iconic toyshop, 
get ready for lots of family fun. 

Easter Events for families in London, A Mum in London

Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience 

My children's favourite, Peppa Pig, 
comes to the big screen this April 
and will guarantee an hour filled with fun and songs. 

This interactive hour long compilation 
of episodes and live action sing along 
will have even the younger viewers glued to their chairs 
{we were invited to the avant premiere and the toddler 
sat through the whole thing and wanted more when it ended}.

When: released in cinemas nationwide on 7 April 2017
Ideal: for children aged 18 months to 6 years old 

Boys' Ballet Masterclasses from the Royal Academy of Dance

The prestigious Royal Academy of Dance 
is launching a Boys' Ballet Masterclass in London; 
the two-hour high-tempo class will be led by a male teacher, 
with live piano accompaniment in a fun boys-only environment.

Designed for boys aged 7+years with basic ballet technique upwards, 
each masterclass will aim to encourage confidence-building, 
sociability and creativity whilst developing ballet technique, choreography, 
core strength, musicality, coordination and presentation.

When: from Sunday 2nd April 2017
Ideal: for boys aged 7+ years.

Hamley's Free Easter Event 

London's iconic toy shop has Easter sorted for families 
with a range of free events and activities. 

There will be arts and crafts workshops, 
an Easter Hunt to find sweet goodies and an Easter Party 
with Bunny, Bear and friends. 

When: Every day during the Easter holidays
Ideal: for children of all ages

Bunny Hop and Seek at the Museum of Brands

Go on a different Easter Egg hunt at the Museum of Brands: 
hunt out rabbits from brands such as Duracell, Cadbury and Guinness, 
and be rewarded with a chocolate prize.

Perfect for families of all ages, 
this new Easter trail is a great way to enjoy discover the Museum 
before enjoying hot cross buns and seasonal treats in our lovely cafĂ©, 
and exploring the garden in early spring bloom.

When: from 1-16 April 2017
Ideal: for families with children of all ages 

Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience in cinemas nationwide from 7 April.
Royal Academy of Dance Boys' Masterclasses, info and book here
Hamley's Spring Events, more info here
Museum of Brands Easter Egg Hunt, more info here

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Easter Toys Gift Guide for Preschoolers

It's true, Easter can't compare to Christmas
atmosphere & cosiness wise,
but that doesn't mean gifting
should be reserved only for the Big Guy in Red.

The Easter Bunny has decided to leave some parcels
in the garden next to the chocolate eggs
and he has already made his choice of fun, educational
and, most importantly, gender-neutral toys.

Gender neutral toys for preschoolers

1. Count Along Till from Leapfrog

A fun, educational toy that my kids love;  
this cash register, complete with coins and groceries,  
is a great and entertaining way to introduce toddlers 
to counting and early money skills. 

The till comes in a big box with colourful groceries, 
which include a variety of healthy foods, 
and are ideal for playing 'Supermarket' at home 
and for expanding children's imagination through pretend play.

The interactive cash register talks, sings, lights up and counts along; 
it will have your little one hooked and playing for hours.

The best bit: the coin slot to feed the cash register 
once you have scanned your groceries.

2. Baby Brother Doll from Baby Annabell

Who said boys can't play with dolls? 
Baby Annabell has just launched a new range 
of their interactive baby dolls for boys and girls, 
and my littlest one hasn't left his new doll from his side!

With its realistic sounds and movements 
{it cries real tears, burps, yawns, 
goes to sleep and even wets its nappies}, 
this doll is perfect for enhancing imaginative play 
and developing children's social skills.

The Baby Brother doll is dressed in a cute blue romper 
and comes in a big box with five accessories, 
making it the perfect gift.  

Best bit: the Baby Brother can also use the potty;  
he is the ideal companion for children who are being toilet trained. 

3. Leaping Letters from Leapfrog

Another fun educational game from Leapfrog,
ideal for children in Early Years
who are just starting to learn to read.

Equipped with a board, letters and a timer,
the aim of this game is to place quickly
all the letters in the correct spots before they pop.

As a next step, there are word cards
for children to form words on the board

It is an amusing game to be played by all the family
which will familiarise children with the alphabet
in an engaging way.

The best bit: when the board pops the letters;
you can see it coming, but it's funny every time.

1. Count Along Till, Leapfrog, RRP £14,99, 18+ months
2. Baby Brother, Baby Annabell, RRP £54,99, 3+ years
3. Leaping Letters, Leapfrog, RRP £14.99, 4+ years

Disclosure: All items were gifted for review purposes.
All views and wording my own.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Mother's Day: the Homemade Breakfast

In case you hadn't noticed all the cards and pretty bouquets 
at your supermarket's checkout tills, 
Mother's Day is fast approaching here in the UK. 

On the 26 March 2017, 
mums are in for a day of treats and love, 
and what would be better than to start off that day 
with the best homemade breakfast? 

Let me tell you, 
as much as I love a good restaurant meal on Mother's Day, 
nothing beats a lie in and a delicious breakfast, 
complete with flowers and a small{ish} gift. 

So, dads and kids, here are some tips on how to prepare 
the best homemade breakfast for Mother's Day 
and make her feel very special. 

Mother's Day Homemade Breakfast Ideas

The Food 
The key to culinary success is to keep it simple and easy, 
especially if you are preparing mum's breakfast with the children. 

A warm batch of croissants with small pots of jam, 
a freshly squeezed orange juice and a nice cup of coffee/tea 
make a delicious breakfast.

The Presentation
Get the breakfast tray looking like a posh hotel's 
with these fairly easy steps. 

Place a one or two flowers in a small vase, 
get your fine china and silver cutlery out 
{picture: *monogrammed fine china plate 
and *engraved silver plated spoon and knife}, 
and don't forget a linen napkin and a card!

The Gift 
Dear dads, the Mother's Day gift doesn't have to cost a fortune, 
but it can't be the children's school creation either.

My advice: one can't get it wrong with personalised gifts; 
I've yet to meet a person who wouldn't want to receive 
something with their name on
{for instance, this *personalised Ladybird book is fun, original 
and won't break the bank at £12.99}. 

Monogrammed fine china plate £14.99, Silver plated spoon £21.99, Silver plated butter knife £14.99 and Personalised Ladybird book £12.99 all from

Disclosure: Items marked with * were gifted.
All wording and opinions my own.

Monday, 20 February 2017

David Gibb's Seriously Good Music for Children

We love our music in this house. 
There is always a tune playing on our Alexa in the kitchen, 
although most of the times it's children's rhymes and music. 

Which, I hate to admit,  
can have a bit of nerve racking effect on adults, 
especially if you listen to it on loop 
{as much as one can like Sleeping Bunnies
it can get a bit too much after the 18th time}.  

So, when David Gibb contacted me 
to send us his music and invite us to his concert, 
I was pleasantly surprised to discover 
that his music was very different from what we are used to. 

A review of David Gibb's music for children

You see, David Gibb was frustrated 
at the lack of high quality music for children, 
and set out to create an album aimed at families 
with lovely lyrics and quality musicianship at its heart. 

This very tall award winning songwriter and storyteller 
had his music played on BBC Radios,  
performed at Glastonbury Festival, 
and played over 400 concerts.  

And let me tell you, his music is seriously good. 
Inspired by folk music, 
the songs themes feature dragons in bedrooms, 
dreams about swimming in the sea, 
and monkeys swinging in trees. 

David Gibb children's music review

Lyrics are imaginative and telling stories, 
which makes one's mind travel with them. 
Melodies are refreshingly high quality ones, 
using a wide array of instruments, 
and will have you taping along with them. 

You can have a listen to his music over on his website 
and look out for his concert dates; 
his high energy stage presence and lovely music 
will delight both kids and grown-ups. 

In a nutshell: seriously good music for children 
that is actually fun for parents too. 

Find out more about David Gibb's music here

Disclosure: We were invited to David's concert. 
All views and wording my own. 

*All images courtesy of David Gibb.
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