Monday, 31 August 2015

Baby's First Basics

With Baby P just hitting the 3 month mark,  
I put away his first set of clothes 
and made a list of our first favourites and most used ones. 

During the first months of their life, 
babies need a staggering amount of clothes. 

And while we, parents, don't mind seeing our little ones 
outgrowing their clothes almost every month, 
it's sensible to plan baby's wardrobe 
and avoid spending a fortune in baby grows. 

1. Bodysuits from Gap 
Made from 100% cotton, 
Gap's bodysuits are very soft and durable. 
The fabric is thick and keeps baby warm 
and the embroidered bear makes it extra cute. 

Tip: Babies in their first 3 months 
will need approximately 2-3 bodysuits per day; 
we bought lots of bodysuits
to avoid running the washing machine every day.

2. Sleepsuits from Mothercare
Another classic baby basic, 
Mothercare's sleeepsuits are extra soft 
and have the right amount of buttons. 

Tip: Most baby sleepsuits have mitts. 
Do not forget to cover baby's hands 
to avoid them looking like Scarface in the morning.

3. Sleeping bag from Nutmeg
At just £10, Nutmeg's sleeping bags offer 
extremely good value for money. 
It's made from 100% cotton, 
it's soft and the zip is nice and chunky 
{a good thing when you're trying to zip it in the dark}.

Tip: buy more than one sleeping bag - 
night time accidents and spillages 
mean you'll probably need them.

Gap bodysuits, set of 3 £12.95, Mothercare sleepsuits, pack of 2 from £9, Nutmeg sleeping bag £10. 

Items marked with * are PR samples, 
wording and views my own.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Baby's First Shoes: Menthe & Grenadine

For me it was a shiny pair of scissors,
for my firstborn it was a brand new iPhone,
and who knows what will persuade the littlest to get up on his two feet. 

Walking for the first time
is the most important milestone in early childhood.

This is why it's essential to get baby's first shoes right. 

A Mum in London

Launched in 2011 by Christian & Katharina von Massenbach, 
a couple with a true passion for quality children's shoes, 
Menthe et Grenadine is a lovely online boutique 
where one can find classic children's shoes of the highest quality.

Manufactured in a small European factory by hand, 
 Menthe et Grenadine's shoes respect the health of little feet 
by choosing the right shape, soft European leathers 
and flexible natural rubber soles. 

The designs are timeless and elegant:
you'll find the cutest baby shoes, simple comfy sandals,
and timeless boots for boys and Mary Janes for girls.

Baby P was gifted an adorable pair of first shoes; 
their quality and design left me truly impressed. 

The leather is very soft, the hand stitched details are flawless 
and the shoes feel light and sturdy at the same time. 

The elegant design means he will wear his little shoes on many occasions, 
while I'll be safe in the knowledge that his feet are well protected. 

What's more, the prices are very reasonable, 
offering excellent value for money. 

In a nutshell: elegant children's shoes of the highest standards; 
I can not recommend them enough.

Baby's shoes: Clement, colour blue, £46.90 (currently on sale £29.90).
See the whole collection from Menthe et Grenadine and the brilliant sizing and fitting guide.

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Monday, 6 July 2015

Roly Pony: Baby Chic

With Prince George and his baby sister 
setting the nation's baby wear trends, 
it's fair to say that classic, timeless children's garments 
have made a big comeback. 

But finding elegant, high quality clothes for Baby 
without spending a fortune is no mean feat. 

This is what two mums set to change 
by creating Roly Pony
a new British label for the teeny tiny ones. 

A Mum in London

Their debut collection, which has been awarded 
Editor's Choice from ChildrensWearBuyers Magazine, 
features extra soft cardigans and leggings, 
bodies with delightful embroidered details, 
and the cosiest blankets for baby. 

The two mumpreneurs, 
Nadya Abela and Aytan Eldarova, 
with backgrounds in Fashion and Children's Books, 
are involved in every step of design and production. 

This labour of love is apparent to the attention to details, 
the high quality and timeless style of their collection. 

All the garments are made from natural fabrics, 
like soft cotton and lambswool, 
which are friendly to baby's delicate skin 
{Baby P looked ravishing and very comfortable 
in his soft cardigan and body}.

Last but not least, with affordable price tags, 
there is no excuse for not dressing Baby like a mini royal!

In a nutshell: a stylish baby clothes brand, 
offering extremely good value for money.

Top: Cardigan £37, Body £15.85
Bottom left: Blanket £72, Body £18, Cardigan £37, Leggings £25.95
Bottom right: Cardigan £37, Leggings £25.95, Body £15.85

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Back to School with Nutmeg

With soaring temperatures and all this sunshine  
it might seem a bit early for school uniform shopping, 
but I'm a fan of the motto 
'Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today'.

That said, sending off your little ones to school fully kitted 
can be quite complicated; I was happy to discover 
that Morrisons own clothing range Nutmeg 
have made things easier and very affordable for us parents.

A Mum in London

Nutmeg designers focus on the little details that make life easier: 
underwear, polos and jumpers are made from soft 100% cotton 
to keep children comfortable, 
trousers and skirts are Teflon-coated 
to stop the absorption of spills and stains, 
and all shirts are easy iron and crease resistant. 

As always, Nutmeg clothes offer fabulous value for money: 
a pack of two polos is £2, skirts and trousers £3, 
cardigan and jumpers at just £3. 
In short, one can buy the whole school uniform 
for less than £20.

What's more impressive is the guarantee: 
Nutmeg offers a 200 day wear guarantee on all their uniforms, 
proving that high quality can be found at little prices. 

Nutmeg's Back to School range will be available in Morrisons stores from mid July. 
Find your nearest store here

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

London Fun: Summer Streets 2015

This July, Londoners' favourite shopping destination 
is once again banning red buses, cars and black cabs 
to transform itself into an urban haven 
with loads of activities and events for kids & families. 

It's the fourth edition of Summer Streets in Regent Street, 
taking place on each Sunday in July. 

A Mum in London

Each Sunday features a different theme 
with lots of activities & surprises:

On Sunday 5 July, Regent Street will get transformed into an idyllic garden 
with summer lawns and a sustainable bee & butterfly zone. 

On Sunday 12 July, the theme is Health & Fitness, 
and visitors will be able to practise their rugby skills 
and cheer on the 10K runners. 

On Sunday 19 July, Regent Street will celebrate Fashion; 
premium brands will be showcasing their unique designs 
on a 50m catwalk. 

And, finally, on Sunday 26 July is Arts & Culture Day, 
with live art installations from London’s leading artists 
and displays of fashion collections and artworks. 

There will also be exciting giveaways, live entertainment, 
special offers from Regent Street's retailers, 
celebrations for Liberty's 140th anniversary 
and 20-minute complimentary treatments at Hotel CafĂ© Royal’s Akasha Spa! 

In a nutshell: perfect family outing 
for lots of London fun {and some shopping}! 

Summer Streets 2015 on Regent Street, every Sunday in July 
For more info, please click here

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